Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time Management Strategies

Relax and take a deep breath - Time is on your side .
With some simple time saving strategies you will be able to produce
more, in less time, and enjoy the process .

Take time before beginning your latest project to gather all of
the necessary tools and materials.
Much time is wasted looking for that one essential tool that you
just KNEW was there.

Get yourself a healthful snack and plenty to drink.
Refreshments are necessary to keep alert, healthy, and
working at optimum level.

Clear the decks.
A clean space will create a lower stress environment.
You will think clearer, feel calmer and more organized , and be
better able to locate items necessary to the project at hand.

Set up an assembly line.
What ? Aren't assembly lines what they have at big manufacturing
companies ? Yes, but you can create a mini assembly line at home -
By using the same strategy as the larger companies but on a smaller
scale, you will be able to produce much more than you can by
completing one item at a time.
For example :
Cut out multiples of each item, base paint all the red sections then
move on to the green, add all the buttons then all the raffia ....
Set up your assembly line in whatever way will be the most
comfortable and efficient for you.

Turn up the music.
Something lively that keeps you moving at a brisk pace.

Keep moving.
While the paint or glue is drying, do something else.
Just keep going ... Each small step will mount up.

Don't save that step for tomorrow.
Even if it's something small, get as much done as you can - NOW.
When you get back to work the next day, those small steps that you
already accomplished will save time and stress.

Take photographs.
Even if you are POSITIVE that you will remember how you made
those items, take photos. Not only for record keeping, but as a
portfolio of your work.

Tag the items.
Don't wait until later ... They aren't done 'til you tag 'em.

Take breaks.
It's easy to get caught up in the creative process, time just seems to fly by.
Make sure you take time out , walk away and get a fresh perspective.

There you have it -
Ten easy strategies to speed up production and make the most of
your creativity and time.

One final note ...

Never forget to add the key ingredient - *joy*
It will shine in your creations ... and your smile.

Written byCarol Gunkel from ""

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